Meet The Team

PT Design Ltd
Foundry Tooling Expert joins PT Design

Technical Director

I'm Paul Oldham and I have 20 years CAD engineering experience.  I have designed within a range of industries including foundries, aerospace and automotive companies.  This combined knowledge allows me to work with our clients to push the boundaries so that we design the best product for their requirements.  When I am not in front of the laptop then sport is my passion - boxing, biking and triathlons are currently on the list!

Design Engineer

Lee is an innovative time-served engineer with strong career progression over 20 years in the engineering and foundry sector.  Lee thrives on finding unique solutions to very difficult problems. He has been acknowledged by both clients and colleagues as someone who has integrity and is reliable.  He enjoys supporting customers to adopt new ideas and methods.

When Lee isn’t working you will find him using his engineering skills at Oldham Model Aero Club tinkering with his aviation and radio controlled model aircraft!

Our Story

Paul and Emma Oldham

The Then Paul and Emma Oldham

There is a buzz around small companies at the moment and especially around the SME's who produce 'disruptive technology'.  They hold 'incubator events' at 'co-working' centres where you are a nobody unless you have a 'fooseball' table for when you need 'head space'.

To be truly honest, when we started working together in 2016, our own perception of our small engineering design company was that it didn't fit into this world.

People would ask us 'what do you do?'.  We would answer with statements such as 'we design foundry tooling', then desperately try to explain what this meant.  When discussing the webpage design and branding we'd be worried that ours looked a little bit too design focused.  Maybe a more formal site would be better for the type of work we were involved in?  We were concerned that working from home and being family focused  were things that clients would perceive as being negative.

The Now Paul and Emma Oldham

A year later and we have listened to industry experts, other SME's and ourselves.  We have come to the conclusion that our small engineering company is actually pretty damn impressive!

Our designs aren't just foundry tools.  Our designs produce the advanced engineered F1 cars that are in the top grid positions at Silverstone.  They are the the prototype designs that will make the next disruptive technology in its field. They are the primary STEM activities that will inspire the next generation of design engineers to continue our journey.

Our flexible working approach means our Engineers work when and where they need to.   This means they are at their most energised and focused to achieve the required deadlines.  We do have offices for the days when we all need to work together, train, resolve issues and meet clients but only for these reasons do we travel.

And so now we have the 'buzz' ourselves as we are one of those SME's after all ......we just didn't realise it!

Now .......where to put the fooseball table .....?!