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PT Design are a CAD Engineering company based in the North West of England. Our engineers use a range of  leading design software packages including Catia and NX to bring your designs to life.  We offer CAD services across a variety of engineering, manufacturing, innovation and education sectors.

Come and take a look at all the areas we currently support!

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RT @FactoryNOW_ BRITISH ENGINEERING: Rolls-Royce has successfully completed the first engine run on its new £90 million testbed in Derby. Testbed 80 will be the largest indoor aerospace testbed in the world when it is officially opened in the coming months #UKmfg🇬🇧

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Foundry Sand Cast Tooling

Paul is our Technical Director and has over 15 years experience working within a Sand Casting Foundry.  Originally he started his apprenticeship 'on the bench' and then moved into the Engineering Team.  In this team he used his pattern making knowledge to design tooling in a variety of 3D software packages .  In addition, Paul has also worked as a Design Engineer in the aerospace industry and automotive industry for Bentley Motors.

The team use Catia V5 and Siemens NX and can support your foundry in the following ways.  We can:

  • Complete your CAD Tooling requirements in times of peak workload or low CAD resource.
  • Be flexible and so can work when required to ensure you hit tight deadlines.
  • Help and advise on developing existing foundry products.
  • Advise on optimisation of a cast design for the foundry process and 'Design for Manufacture'.
  • Complete casting wall thickness analysis
  • Work with our suppliers to design and produce your required patterns.

Rapid Prototyping

We can quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using CAD data so that you can physically see and feel how the part will look.  Rapid Prototyping allows you to decrease development time and decrease costly mistakes.  It also allows you to expand product lifetime by adding necessary features and eliminating redundant features early in the design.

Design for Manufacture

The team use Catia V5 and Siemens NX and can support your manufacturing process in the following ways.  We can:

  • Complete your CAD Injection Mould requirements in times of peak workload or low CAD resource.
  • Be flexible and so can work when required to ensure you hit tight deadlines.
  • Advise on optimisation of a part design for the injection mould process and 'Design for Manufacture'.

Paper to CAD Conversions

It doesn't matter if your drawing is a 1950's engineering drawing of a boat cylinder head or if it is a rough sketch that you have drawn on a sticky note, we can convert your 2d design into a 3d file.  The process of digitization is also referred to as Raster to Vector conversion. All drawings are redrafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate electronic CAD files.

Jig and Fixture Design

Our Engineer's have a wealth of knowledge in Jig and Fixture Design built up from many year's of manufacturing. 

3D Body Mock Up

Our Engineer's have a wealth of knowledge in Body Tooling Design built up from many year's of working in the automotive and aerospace industries.  

3D Printing Service

We are a small CAD engineering company with an ambition to grow and our 3D Design and Print service is just starting out!  We have the CAD software and engineering knowledge to bring a design concept to life and we have the project management skills to ensure your design is 3D printed at a cost and specification that works for you.

Primary STEM Resources

As an engineering company we are well aware of the lack of love for our career path that currently exists with the younger generation.  Making money from reviewing toys on a YouTube channel sounds much more exciting to a 10 year old than being an automotive engineer!

So, along with lots of other forward thinking engineering companies we are engaging with our local under 12’s and showing them that actually engineering is fun and a really, really rewarding career.

We have set up this page to share our primary STEM resources that we have developed.  Feel free to use them and if you get a spare 5 mins, then please do say 'Hello' and let us know how you get on with them!