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Do you live in Manchester and need a model printing quickly and at a competitive price?  Our 3D printing Manchester service is just what you are looking for.  Send your design to us by emailing  Our design engineers in Urmston will check over your model to ensure it is 3D printing ready.  We will then give you a quote to print off your designs in biodegradable PLA plastic.

Have a design idea but not in 3D software?  Don't worry, just give is a call on 0161 759 4840 for a chat about what you need 3D printing.

If it's easier you can contact us on our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Please see below for the types of models that we print regularly here at PT Design.



3D Printed Household Items
3D Printed Household Items

3D Printing Household Items

Our customers may have designed their plant pot themselves to fit a particularly odd plant pot size or they have found a design for a hook online which is perfect for their requirements.  We can print these items off quickly and cheaply.  If they live within 3 miles of our office we can also drop the item off to save them leaving the house!

3D Printed Spare Parts
3D Printed Spare Parts

3D Printing Spare Parts

Do you have a dishwasher hook that has snapped or a lampshade support that has broken.  We have many customers who ask us to print of small spare parts for their household appliances.  They have found the designs on sights such as Thingiverse and simply need the part printing locally to reduce costs.

3D Printed Cake Toppers
3D Printed Cake Toppers

3D Printing Cake Toppers

Have a child that is currently loving Star Wars or maybe they are a Harry Potter Fan.  Cakes made by professionals are really expensive so why not 3D print off a model of their favourite character and stick it on a home made victoria sponge!

3D Printing Toy Parts
3D Printing Toy Parts

3D Printing Toy Parts

Do you have a train track that you would like to add to or a fairy house that is missing a mushroom chair?  There are lots of toy parts out there that you can download for free and print off a lot cheaper than investing in a whole new toy!

3D Printed tooling loose piece
3D Printed Tooling Loose Piece

3D Printed Tooling Loose Pieces

In order to reduce CNC cutting costs we can provide our tooling customers with 3D printed loose pieces.  Please see our case study page for more details.