3D Printed Spare Parts

Clips and connectors

Lid clips and connectors for C&C guinea pig cage

Pluto and Snow were our guinea pig customers for this 3D printing project!  Their owners decided that an indoor cage was the preferred living accommodation for their furry new additions to the family.  Instagram and Pinterest are full of home made grid cages that allow easy access for stroking, feeding and watching them nibble their greens.  We designed some clips to allow the lid of their cage to hinge open.  We also designed some clips to secure together the perplex.  These designs are free on Myminifactory should you wish to check them out.

Proplex connectors for C&C guinea pig cage
C&C guinea pig cage proplex connectors
C&C Guinea Pig Cage - Lid Clips

The clips that we designed are two parts.  You place the perspec between the two halves of the clip and then press them shut. They allow you to securely hold the perplex in place within the cage.

Lid clips on C&C guinea pig cage
C&C Guinea Pig Cage - lid open using lid clips

The connectors allow you to easily open the cage lid.  They give a hinge effect to the lid.  Four of them worked well on Snow and Pluto's cage.