Jigs and Fixtures

October 8, 2019 No comments exist

For the next month our spotlight is on Jigs and Fixtures. Jigs and fixtures are production tools that allow you as manufacturers to accurately produce duplicate and interchangeable parts. Put simply jigs guide tools and fixtures hold the work in place.

We work with a wide variety of manufacturers when they need extra resource for their Jig and Fixture design. Our engineers normally attend your manufacturing site to understand the exact requirements. We then work from our offices in Manchester to complete the design work. We find that regular web based meetings help design updates and queries that crop up.

The benefit of working this way is that is allows our clients to pass over the design work to us complete in the knowledge that we will undertake and deliver accurate designs in the required timescales.

We also work with a trusted set of partners and so can offer not only jig and fixture design but also the completed jig and fixture products for those clients who need this service.

We love to grow our network and so are always keen to meet people face to face. This allows us to show you how we can support your manufacturing needs. If you would like us to visit you then please just fill in our contact form and we will be in touch to organise a get together!

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