Who really uses 3D Printing for Manufacturing?

June 17, 2019 No comments exist

Running a CAD engineering company means I constantly receive information about 3D printing and how it is changing the manufacturing world. I attend exhibitions where additive manufacturing companies lure me to their presentations promising to tell me how aerospace are now using their printers. I arrive thinking I am going to hear that the next time I fly I will fold down a 3D printed table only to find that actually we are still very much in the prototyping phase. Now don’t get me wrong, I am impressed how far we have come with additive manufacturing. For us and our clients it is a god send for prototyping however what I can’t get to the bottom of is who out there is actually now manufacturing products. I am starting to feel a little bit like I am being conned into thinking this innovative new process is further along than it actually is.

Yes I’ve tried googling it and no simple list appears. Yes I have read through the last few weeks of emails from 3D printing companies however I’m not having much luck…….so…….I need your help.

If you work somewhere that is manufacturing using 3D printing, if you have read a good article on the subject or know of any research then please let me know and I can my start a list and help spread the word!

Ta muchly x

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