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March 31, 2018 No comments exist

We love working with Manchester companies on prototypes and we have had fun in the office this month working with a Greater Manchester model flying club who required a prototype for one of their planes.  The Oldham Model Aero Club (OMAC), a BMFA affiliated model flying club are keen to engage a younger audience and so they hold flying sessions and invite groups such as the air cadets to attend.  They had heard about candy droppers however couldn’t find one on the market that met their requirements.

The Challenge

The club representative came to our office with some of the planes and lots of ideas!  We had a good chat about what they were trying to achieve and where they were at with their prototype design.

We worked with the club to draw some initial concept sketches.  Initial sketches allow us to understand what the prototype will look like and how the components will fit together.  We discussed which design requirements were vital and which could be modified.  Strength and weight concerns were addressed.

Once OMAC were happy with the initial sketches then we set to work on designing the 3D model on Siemens NX, one of our CAD software packages.  At this stage we again reviewed the design with OMAC and design iterations were agreed and implemented.

Once the CAD designs were agreed then we 3D printed the parts on our PLA printer in our office.  The fact that we have a 3D printer on site allows us to easily review the design at this stage and reprint where required.

The Results


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank PT Design for your valued assistance in the design and manufacture of the candy dropper module. Since approaching PT Design the advice and help we have received has been excellent. PT design have taken our initial concept and worked with us to make the necessary design changes to turn concept into a functioning prototype. We were especially impressed with the quality of the 3D printed components and how they all assembled together flawlessly.
In the near future we intend to take this a step further to incorporate a camera into the module. It is our intent to engage with the local Air Cadets where we are looking to set up a competition, one cadet will fly the model plane while the other will use the camera connected to the candy dropper which will relay a live video feed to a monitor where a second cadet will operate the candy dropper to drop paintballs onto a target on the field. We are very much looking forward to working with PT Design again to develop this and create another functioning design.”
Gareth Rees, OMAC Chairman

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