Outsourcing Paper to CAD Conversions

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Here at PT Design we know a fair bit about paper to CAD conversions. We have spent many an hour converting engineering drawings from 2D drawings to 3D files. We convert for a wide variety of companies and for a multitude of reasons. The purpose of this blog is to give you an understanding of the benefits to your business of outsourcing your paper to CAD conversions.

Effective resource deployment

Outsourcing Paper to CAD conversions allows your internal engineering teams to stay focused on the projects in hand. The majority of the information that we require will be in the paper drawings allowing us to complete the task with minimal impact on your teams. We will simply undertake the work and return to you within the agreed timescales. This gives you one less thing to worry about when planning your team’s time.

Asd well as human resources to consider there is also software requirements. As we are a CAD engineering company we have a range of the latest CAD software packages. This allows us to produce your 3D models in the required formats.


As we complete this workload on a daily basis then we have rigorous process steps and checks in place to ensure the accuracy of the conversions. We have been through the learning curve and have fully trained engineers who have clear guidelines, are aware of the pitfalls and understand how to use the latest software to produce the most accurate 3D models.


Our team dynamics and range of software allow us to allocate workload effectively and produce 3D files within required timescales. We are flexible and so can therefore accommodate fast turn around times and fixed deadlines.


The cost of outsourcing paper to CAD conversions is obviously of huge importance when making the decision to outsource. We have various ways to ensure that our service is affordable. For a one off job then we can simply quote you based on the time it will take. For those companies who have a regular requirement for these conversions, we are able to offer reduced costs on larger packages of work.


If you have internal standards that you wish us to adhere to then we will work to ensure that we meet them. However if this isn’t the case then we will use our internal guidelines to produce high quality, standardised 3D models.

If you have read this blog and feel that outsourcing may possibly work for you then please do call us for a chat or contact us via our website and we will get back to you by the end of the working day.

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