Top 3 Tips For Investment Casting Tooling Design

October 23, 2020 No comments exist

Investment casting tooling design is something that we regularly undertake here at PT Design. We regularly work with tool suppliers and use our expertise to ensure that the tooling is great quality at a good price. We do this by considering:

1. Minimising Size & Weight

Part size and weight are the most critical factors in determining how much the part will cost. We aim to work with our foundries and tooling suppliers to ensure we optimise geometry whilst keeping size to a minimum.

2. Single Gating where possible

When we design the investment casting tooling our aim is to design single gating where possible.

3. Component Castability

Castability is very important and ensuring that this has been considered as part of the tooling design process is key to a good quality, cost effective casting.

We supply to many of the Cast Metal Federation companies – providing tooling design services.

Please contact us to have a chat about how we can support your tooling design needs.

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