Future Proofing the UK Metal Casting Industry

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Lots of our clients are part of the UK Metal Casting sector.  What we are noticing is that there is a real desire and aspiration by the metal casting companies to future proof the industry.  Metal Casting represents a turnover in excess of £2 billion and employs more than 17,000 people in over 400 organisations.  So what is actually taking place?

UK Metal Casting – Investing in the Future

In November 2017 The Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology opened in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  This is an industry led advanced engineering & automotive training centre.  The centre’s focus is to reverse the skills and competency gap .  It will also re-shore the current training opportunities to the Marches and support industry in achieving private and economic growth.  The MCMT – Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology is as an employer led initiative by Grainger & Worrall Ltd, Classic Motor Cars Ltd, Salop Design & engineering Ltd and In-Comm Training & Business Services Ltd.

In Spring 2018, Training in casting and foundry related processes returned to a dedicated £4 million foundry training centre in the UK.  This is for the first time in over a quarter of a century.  The National Foundry Training Centre is part of the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS) Hub.   The ECMS hub represents an investment of £12.6m in skills development in the Casting and Metalforming industries.  The National Foundry Training Centre will have design, moulding and melting facilities to enable practical as well as foundry training at all levels.  This is also an employee led training facility.

UK Metal Casting – New Arrivals

While the current industry members invest in training new employees there has also been new companies entering the UK metal casting market.  Magna International Inc. has opened a new aluminum die-casting plant in Telford, England, on May 8 2018.  They will supply automotive structural castings to Jaguar Land Rover, the largest automaker based in the U.K. The new plant covers approximately 225,000 square feet, and is expected to employ 300 people in full production.

UK Metal Casting – New Technologies

It is also exciting to see innovative new technologies being used and embedded within the foundry industry.  An good example of innovation is at Brafe Engineering.  They are working with Voxeljet to integrate 3D printing within their Foundry https://youtu.be/gxY_4cJOhCI

We can all pick up a paper, flick through social media or listen to the news and read negativity however we are keen to play our part in spreading some positivity.  If you have any comments on what is making a positive impact to future proofing the metal casting Industry in the UK then feel free to comment and spread the word too!

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