CAD for 3D Printing

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Why do I need CAD for 3D Printing?

You have the idea for a great product. You have tirelessly researched your market and you know what your product needs to look and feel like. Now you need a prototype of your product to show your potential investors and customers.  Everyone keeps talking about 3D printing;  it is quick and cheap. But how does the sketch become a physical object??  The answer is that you need CAD for 3D Printing.

The acronym CAD means Computer Aided Design. You will need to use a CAD software package to make your 3D sketch into a 3D model.  Now, if you have the time and enjoy getting stuck in to the detail then you can do this yourself……… or you can pay someone like us to do it for you.

CAD for 3D Printing – DIY

There are some fantastic free CAD programmes out there however our current favourite is TinkerCAD.  TinkerCAD is intuitive and simple to use.  The quick training sessions are there to help you start designing and then, like the name suggests, you just tinker away.  It also has options for saving your files in the correct printable format.

CAD for 3D Printing

If you don’t want to spend time learning a CAD programme or you have a complicated design that requires some expertise then we at PT Design are here to help.  Our Engineers can also recommend 3D printing options based on your budget, time constraints and location.  Contact us with details of your sketch and we will give you a free, no obligation quote for creating your 3D model files.




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