Busy Bees – casting embossing

October 19, 2021 No comments exist

You have heard of the moth to the flame well this post is about the bee to the fire!

We were recently contacted by a manufacturing company with a request to generate a model to enable them to create a bespoke fireplace casting including the embossed feature.

The end customer supplied us an image which we used to create a 3d model. This allowed us to 3D print the part so the customer could try the piece in position to confirm sizing/design etc.

We have now applied the agreed final 3D embossing to the fireplace and are currently progressing the design for the mould pack and tooling.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished casting in the near future.

3D Printed Bee for Casting Embossing
3D Printed Bee for Casting Embossing

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